Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Illumination of New Eden

This is the official announcement of the player created expansion, to be launched in approximately 4 years. However some preliminary stages will be occurring from today onwards. Although I got little response to my call for sleeper materials to be donated during the sleeper research race, I have nevertheless created a character in game to interact in future EVE lore events.
This character's ingame name is Lucifer's Avatar. He will be the leader of an ingame player faction that will develop slowly over the next 4 years and will perform an instrumental role in both the role player and economic and military actions of the PCE.
Actions taken towards this character, and later others, both in official CCP and player roleplaying events, as well as random, or not so random, actions taken by players to interact with this character will shape the arrival and execution of the PCE. What actions? That is up to CCP or the players to decide. Results of such actions will alter the interaction between the Lightbringers and in game player factions and organizations.
You will not be likely to see results of these interactions for at least a year.
I understand that this is all rather vague but that is due to current in game circumstances.
Existing line members and leadership of almost all major and some minor eve player groups are sleeper members of the various PCE factions. Any player who has revealed the existence of the PCE to in game friends is a player/human aligned agent of the PCE. The mean of this statement will become clear to the whole player base over the course of the ensuing 4 years. Any information so far revealed is false, a trick, or non security essential to the PCE and is not official information as information put out by this Reddit account, the connected Twitter account or designated official PCE accounts in various media.
Remember, space is dangerous alone. Try not to upset each other so much you can't coordinate against outside threats when it counts. Take care when attacking(especially to completely or almost completely destroy, rather than to wound or to get goodfights), groups that are not part of the xXDeathXx, N3, or CFC coalitions. This may trigger PCE related interference whether said group is aware of its PCE status or not, and may also have consequences for aggressor parties in the future.
For the purposes of this statement: Rooks and Kings, Brave/Test, Provi, PFR, and NoHo qualify as potential PCE involved entities, among others.
This is a non roleplay post, as indicated by the lack of (RP) tag in the title. *Certain player groups may receive in game interaction disproportionate to their size and current significance in game.

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